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Top tips for cleaning your space with animals around

We’ve just welcomed the newest member to our EverKleen family, a stocky blue French Bulldog called Rosko. Rosko is two-years-old, is a dab hand with a feather duster and isn’t shy about hoovering up crumbs from the kitchen floor. After deciding to take Rosko on a full-time contract at EverKleen, it got us thinking about cleaning, the safety of chemicals around smaller animals and the most commonly asked questions about how to eliminate those pesky pet smells from end of tenancy cleans, student lets and dog friendly office spaces. 

How to protect your animals from harsh cleaning chemicals

When cleaning with smaller pets around, it’s important to keep them out of the way whilst undergoing your deep clean, whether that be in the office or at home. Remember to keep all chemicals, sponges and mops out of reach of all animals, keep windows open to pull in fresh air, or better still, pop your furry friends in another room where they’ll be comfortable whilst you conduct your cleaning rituals. 

Upon returning to the office I’m allowed to take my dog, how can I keep my office space looking and smelling clean?

It’s important to practice good hygiene with your own dog whilst at home. Make sure your dog doesn’t smell and is taken out of the office environment regularly for toilet breaks. When inside the office it’s important to hoover your workspace once a day, dog hair can still smell even when it’s not attached to your dog.

Ensuring desks and communal areas are cleaned regularly with antibacterial spray is also important, this won’t just eliminate the smell but will ensure surfaces are sanitary as well. EverKleen offers one off deep cleans and daily contractual cleans for offices of all sizes across Bristol and Bath. Why not leave the hard work to us? We even have a revolutionary anti-bacterial fogging system that eliminates 99.99% of germs and isn't harmful to animals. 

My tenancy with my landlord is coming to an end, I need to deep clean my apartment but finding it hard to rid my home of my dog's smell, what can I do?

First things first, open all windows and doors to allow the smell of your precious pooch to naturally disperse, ensure your pets bedding is washed and filters cleaned, the floors are vacuumed and cleaned with watered-down detergent and all shelving is sufficiently wiped down. 

Sprinkling baking soda, a natural odour eliminator, on your furniture or carpet and allowing it to sit overnight is a great first step to neutralise dog smells in your home. If all else fails, EverKleen Services offer end of tenancy cleans at a competitive price across Bristol and Bath. We’ll be able to combat and rid your home of any unwanted smells before you hand over the keys! It could be the difference between getting your deposit back or not! 

The students who lived in my house during University had small animals, how can I ensure it’s clean and fresh for students arriving in September?

Students are messy at the best of times, let alone with animals in the house. Why not leave your student let to the professionals? EverKleen specialise in deep cleaning student let accommodation ensuring it’s squeaky clean for the next academic year. We clean ovens, fridges, freezers and will ensure everything is in tip-top condition for when your new students move in, in September. 

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