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How to reduce your carbon footprint when cleaning

At EverKleen, we are passionate about commercial cleaning and commit to delivering exceptional cleans across Bristol and Bath. Since launching in 2017, we have been huge advocates for reducing our carbon footprint when carrying out our commercial cleans; and with this, reducing the plastic we use!

Reuse cleaning materials

At EverKleen, we reuse cleaning materials such as sponges, cloths and t-towels. At the end of our working day, and after delivering our exceptional cleans, we put all our cleaning materials on an antibacterial hot wash so we can reuse again for another job. Cleaning materials, such as sponges, and t-towels equate to over 6% of ocean pollution.

Refill and reuse

To further reduce our plastic use, we are huge fans of using very high concentration antibacterial cleaning products diluted with water. All our employees at EverKleen have a reusable spray bottle that can easily be refilled! In doing this, we save an average of 32 plastic bottles per month!

We don’t use surface wipes

These are bad for the environment and take years to break down! They’re particularly bad for our drainage systems and not to mention millions of surface wipes end up in the sea due to people flushing them down the toilet. We have taken a stand against using such wipes to help continue cutting our carbon footprint.

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