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How A Clean Space Can Help Promote Positive Mental Health

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month, a month that is dedicated to promoting positive mental health across the UK every May. At EverKleen, we take mental health very seriously, and wanted to share some reasons why a clean space is a happy space, and how cleanliness can promote positive mental health for all.

Clutter, mess, dust and the feeling of general untidiness and uncleanness could be damaging to our mental health. As humans, we naturally enjoy order and expect the places we live in, work in and socialise in to have a certain standard of cleanliness. This cleanliness, order and structure, allows us to relax and unwind in the environment we choose to be in, promoting positive mental health.

A mental health website, Very Well Mind, found that when people feel like their life is out of control or they are struggling with some uncertainties, cleaning can be a way to assert some control in their life and cleaning gives people a sense of control over their environment.

A study by the University of Connecticut in America, found that in times of high stress, people default to repetitive behaviours like cleaning because it gives them a sense of control during a chaotic time. What's more, clutter and disorganisation can be really distracting and make it hard to focus or complete other projects. So, if you're feeling an urge to clean and declutter when you're stressed, your mind and body is probably looking for a way to bring some order to your environment. And this is where EverKleen can help!

“At EverKleen, we offer one off deep cleans, daily contractual cleans and antibacterial fogging cleans to bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes, we offer end of tenancy and student let cleaning and office and retail space cleans. We guarantee a top quality cleaning service that’ll change your environment and organise your enterprise, all promoting positive mental health for you and your clients.” - Craig Owen, Director, EverKleen Services.

If you want to take the cleaning into your own hands, we have some top tips to help you make the most of your self cleaning experience.

  1. Set realistic cleaning goals each day

  2. Ask friends and family to help

  3. Throw away, donate or sell possessions that don’t bring you joy

  4. Take it room by room - don’t start too many cleaning projects at the same time

  5. Enjoy the cleaning experience, it’s physically and mental cleansing

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EverKleen Ltd is a cleaning company established in 2017. Its objective? To keep the Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Student Lets, Retailers and Office Spaces across Bristol and Bath clean. Our ethos started from wanting to deliver top quality cleaning services at a price that’s fair in cities we call our home. For more information about EverKleen Ltd visit: www.everkleenservices.co.uk or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.