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Did you know working in a clean environment equals higher productivity?

A new study from the Association of Cleaning has found that when any environment is ‘clean’, employees are happier and work more productively, great for any type of business. The study went on to find that women are more ‘picky’ about cleanliness than men and that women are more likely to keep their work station, so office desks, retail checkout areas and hospitality workstations cleaner than their male counterparts.

The results are simple, as a Business Owner, Founder, Director or Other, you are able to contribute to your employees’ satisfaction by providing them with a clean, sanitary and safe environment to work in, especially with the Coronavirus pandemic continuing across Bristol and Bath. These stats are proving that cleaning should not be considered as a luxury expense, but as a service that can add value to a company’s core process.

Some more results of the study have found:

  1. Sick days cost U.K businesses a staggering £13.7 Billion a year, the equivalent of 460,000 office workers wages.

  2. Unplanned sick days cause businesses a decrease in productivity by 54%

  3. Most shockingly is the reason for these sick days, with £4.2 Billion worth of sick days being due to poor hygiene in businesses!

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