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5 Cleaning Products We Couldn't Live Without

At EverKleen Services, we pride ourselves on the excellent quality cleaning products we use and marry this to what’s good for the environment and our cleaners! We only use products that are safe, and 100% recyclable or reusable. Now, let’s see what products have made EverKleen’s hot list!

1. CIF

Cif is our saviour and it comes with us to every single clean! It’s an amazing all round product and can be used for cleaning toilet basins to shining chrome taps! It’s also excellent for floors, doors and surfaces.

2. Dettol Super Concentrated

The king of cleaning with a smell that lasts! We love using super concentrated Dettol and other cleaners as they’re great for the environment and last so long! The Dettol can be used to clean toilets, floors and surfaces and will leave your enterprise smelling freshly spruced for a long time, all while killing 99.9% of bacteria.

3. Scrub Daddy

We love a Scrub Daddy Sponge! They’re an amazing all round hardwearing brush cleaner that can be used for scrubbing toilets, sinks, ovens and surfaces. They even come in lots of different colours so you can coordinate your cleaning to ensure germ free surfaces! A Scrub Daddy will set you back around £2.00 but cheaper options are available that clean just as well.

4. Power Spray Mop

Spray and you're away! We use power mops in almost every clean we carry out! The reusable mop head can be cleaned time after time and ensures bacteria isn’t being spread across your enterprise like larger cloth mops. The mop we use can be purchased from any good cleaning or home store and will set you back around £25.00, it’s a fantastic investment and has outstanding cleaning power! We give the Power Spray Mop at 10/10!

5. Gloves and Face Masks

We supply gloves and face masks to all our dedicated, passionate cleaners to ensure hands and faces are protected at all times while carrying out cleans. This isn’t only great for our cleaners, but also gives peace of mind to our lovely clients as well. We use top quality gloves and face coverings which can be reused several times before we recycle them!

About EverKleen LTD

EverKleen Ltd is a cleaning company established in 2017. Its objective? To keep the Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Student Lets, Retailers and Office Spaces across Bristol and Bath clean. Our ethos started from wanting to deliver top quality cleaning services at a price that’s fair in cities we call our home. For more information about EverKleen Ltd visit: www.everkleenservices.co.uk or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.