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4 reasons why your student let needs a deep clean

With new students returning to University in September, it’s important to get your house, flat or apartment deep cleaned before your new tenants arrive. As many people are aware, students aren’t the cleanest of creatures, BUT, they’ll be calling your property their home for the next 10 months to a year, so it's important you set a precedent about cleanliness in your home.

1. It may help with justifying deposit hold backs

Getting your property ship shape and in working order before your newbees arrive is a must! This gives landlords the opportunity to take some snaps of their house before the new students arrive, if anything is damaged, stained or broken, it could be a great opportunity to showcase your sparkly new images and hold back any deposits from your renters if needed.

2. It sets a precedent for your new renters

If students move into a shiny, clean, new home, research has shown that people are more inclined to keep the property that way and try harder to keep it looking lovely, especially as study buddies, friends and family may be keen to visit after University and at the weekends.

3. It’s the least your new tenants will expect

It’s just nice to welcome your new tenants into a lovely clean home, where you can be confident that it’s been professionally cleaned to a high standard that your renters will be happy with. You can even tell them on moving in day that you're confident with the cleanliness of their new adobe and can move right in without having to get out the antibacterial spray.

4. Coronavirus

With Coronavirus making headlines for the majority of 2020, new students need to be reassured that the home they're going to live in is bacteria free. Alongside EverKleen’s high quality deep cleans, we also offer an antibacterial fogging sanitation clean that eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria, ensuring your new renters can move in with confidence.

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